England Squash Corona Virus Statement

We are pleased to share with you the following from our NGB:

Coronavirus Statement:

Following the formal announcement by the UK Government last week, we have cancelled all sanctioned competition activity up to the end of March.

For further information & updates please visit www.englandsquash.com to find our latest coronavirus statement. Our website is continually updated as we hear more information about how UK Government advice continues to affect the squash community.

2020-21 Season:

Following last week’s announcement by the UK Government we now know restrictions on indoor sport are only likely to begin to be lifted from the 12th April. As with previous lockdowns we will receive details of the easing of restrictions at the same time as the general public, and will require some time to adapt our plans and guidelines accordingly. Our communications will focus upon what we know, when we hear officially, and we will continue to avoid speculation, which creates confusion.


Tuesday 23rd February 2021:

Update on Army Sport

ASCB Chief of Staff has issued the following: All Army sports secretaries are advised that Army HQ remains the only authority for Army sport to recommence, based on guidance from NGB and advice from ASCB. On current planning this will not be before the 29th March at the earliest. Further direction and instructions will follow.

Click here for the latest ABN 146/2020 updated 15th February 2021.

Wednesday 10th February 2021:

Continued suspension of OSVs until 31st May 2021:

The ASCB Chief of Staff (COS) and Director ASCB (DASCB) met to discuss the situation surrounding OSVs in the current environment. Their assessment concluded that OSVs should continue to be suspended until 31st May 2021. This decision has been endorsed by Land Operations Command (LOC). Organisers that had planned to conduct an OSV before 31st May 2021, noting that none of them had been authorised by ASCB and no diplomatic clearance had been given, will be contacted. COS and DASCB will meet again in March to assess this suspension.

Events planned for Feb and Mar are cancelled/postponed with immediate effect.  The revised dates which are still subject to change can be found here.

The latest COVID advice from England Squash guidance can be found here

The latest British Army Sport guidance can be found here

Zoom circuits have resumed on a Wed afternoon under direction of AS Head Coach Paul Carter.

These sessions are open to players of all standards, and can be done anywhere. All you need is a safe open space, a book (any book) and a water bottle.
Join on Zoom with the details below.
Meeting ID: 926 8805 8752
Passcode: 709621


As the President of Army Squash, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Army Squash website.   As an organisation we have gone from strength to strength over the last few years, and I hope we will enable to continue this progress and turn ‘very good’ into ‘even better’. All of us, from me as President, through the Chairman and Committee, down to the players, coaches, referees, and supporters have a vital part to play in achieving that goal. We are all busy; our day jobs and our families quite rightly must take priority but, within capacity, I would ask each and every one of you to continue to commit your time and energy to support AS aims, and each other. Very well done and thank you.

Lieutenant General Tyrone R Urch CBE President of Army Squash



Army Squash is delighted to announce a new partnership with SquashLevels and the introduction of our new Monthly Challenge.  You will need to be registered on SquashLevels to take advantage of this new initiative.

We want to encourage players of all standards to keep training and improving, so are now running a ‘test of the month’ challenge facilitated by SquashLevels.  All the tests will be squash specific, but suitable to do anywhere – you don’t need a squash court!

We will be offering a monthly prize for the player who achieves the highest score, and you can take the test as many times as you want, so there is every incentive to get practising.  You will also be able to see how your scores compare to the rest of the Army players, your Corps players and the players at your Army base location with live ‘leaderboards’.  Note that video evidence will be required should you wish to claim the top spot and the prize.  Over the next couple of months the challenges will include technical squash challenges as well as traditional strength and conditioning tests.

To join SquashLevels with free platimum membership and take the monthly challenge, click here



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Due to the national pandemic events are subject to change but the calendar will be regularly reviewed and updated.

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