COVID Update

Covid Update

Wednesday 24th March 2021:

Continued suspension of OSVs until 30th June 2021:

In light of the legislation that the government will look to enact, which bans overseas travel without a good reason, enforceable with a £5,000 fine, further discussions have taken place between ASCB Chief of Staff and Land Operations Command (LOC) and the assessment is that OSVs will not class as a good reason to travel. As we do not know how long this legislation might endure for, particularly as a third wave of COVID-19 seems to be gathering pace on mainland Europe, it is for this reason that the LOC advised that they would not authorise any OSVs before 30th June . We will reassess the situation further in April.

Overseas Sports Visit (OSV)

An Overseas Sports Visit (OSV) is to be encouraged and can be undertaken by Unit, Corps and Army teams. In specific circumstances, an individual can also apply to participate in an OSV. Such visits give the opportunity to compete against opposition of a different culture and in many cases train and/or compete in challenging conditions. They can also be used to reward achievement, as a means of developing team spirit and as a pre/post season preparation/finale. An overseas visit can also be used as a recruiting and retention tool. They are fun and for many is a welcome change from the current high level of operational commitments.

Everything you need to know to organise an overseas visit can be found on the ASCB website