Coach Development

Thanks for those who could attend the Zoom meeting on Thursday 1st July which explained our strategy and gave information about activities, courses and events coming up.

For those who couldn’t make it  we have uploaded the recording of the session to the Army Squash Facebook page or it can be viewed here

Please find the AS coaching strategy here – any questions, concerns or ideas please fire back to Rosie and myself.

Defence Connect link – do join the group (as follows) you will need to log in via Defence Gateway.

I now need your availability to attend the courses below:

Planned Coach Development Events

15-16 Sep.  L1 Coaching Course – Tidworth Leisure Centre.   Max 12.

5-6 Oct.  L2 Coaching Course Part 1 of 2. (Colchester). Max 12.

8-9 Oct.  L1 Coaching Course – Colchester Garrison. Max 16.

3-4 Nov. L1 Coaching Course – AFC Harrogate. Max 12.

23 Nov.  L2 Coaching Course Part 2 of 2.  Location TBC.

Ideally, everyone who attends the L1 course will then attend the follow up event in their


2-3 Dec.  L1/2 Coach Development Workshop – Tidworth Leisure Centre. Max 12.

13-14 Jan 21.  L1/2 Coach Development Workshop – Colchester Garrison. Max 16.

17-18 Feb 21.  L1/2 Coach Development Workshop – AFC Harrogate.  Max 16.

I also request proof of Squash coach qualifications if you have yet to send me a copy of your certificate.

For those who have yet to do so ASCB also needs a return of email stating ‘you are happy for AS to hold your personal details for the good and benefit of Army Squash’.

Just REPLY NOW to  if not done so already and copy and paste the red text below into an email and press SEND… Job Done.

‘Dave, I am happy for ASCB to hold my personal details on the AS Squash Player and Coaches database.’

Our database will be reviewed annually, we will protect the data and not share it to third parties.  You can inform us if you wish us to delete your information at any time.

Finally it would be prudent for those planning on attending a L1 course to ensure their DBS is up to date by applying online sooner rather than later.

Any questions, concerns, issues regarding Army Squash Coaching then just ping me an email and I will get back to you at the earliest convenience.

I look forward to seeing you all back on court soon.

Army Squash Coaching Strategy

Despite the current situation, work continues in developing the Army Squash Coaching Strategy and for this we need to recruit and qualify coaches at all levels.  AS Sec will be compiling a database of current coaches and a list of all those wanting to become a Squash Coach.  For those already qualified you should have seen the ‘COVID-19 Update for Coaches’ from the CEO England Squash.  Whilst the primary concern of England Squash is for those civilian self-employed squash coaches, there are useful links to the dedicated coaching web page, the introduction of coaching webinars and a series of squash coaching session plans.  For those whose qualification may have expired and for those interested in becoming a squash coach here is the  COVID-19 update for coaches link to whet the whistle.  Anyone serving who is interested in becoming a Squash Coach or is already qualified contact the Sec at and we will endeavour to fund and get you on a course as soon as COVID restrictions allow.

The new Army Squash Coaching Strategy is available here

Activities and courses will commence once allowed back on the court.  In the meantime Corps Squash reps are to provide name and contact email for all current squash coaches to the Permanent Secretary

All AS Event Organisers are to ensure that they have carried out a full Risk Assessment prior to an event and have a signed copy of the new AF 5010 displayed in a prominent position during the event.  They are also to carry out a dynamic risk assessment immediately prior to the event and any additional risks are to be annotated on the form 5010.   This RA compliments the mandatory safety briefing that should also be carried out prior to an event starting.