Dear Army Squash Player


Army Squash is delighted to announce a new partnership with SquashLevels and the introduction of our new Monthly Challenge.  You will need to be registered on SquashLevels to take advantage of this new initiative.

We want to encourage players of all standards to keep training and improving, so are now running a ‘test of the month’ challenge facilitated by SquashLevels.  All the tests will be squash specific, but suitable to do anywhere – you don’t need a squash court!

We will be offering a monthly prize for the player who achieves the highest score, and you can take the test as many times as you want, so there is every incentive to get practising.  You will also be able to see how your scores compare to the rest of the Army players, your Corps players and the players at your Army base location with live ‘leaderboards’.  Note that video evidence will be required should you wish to claim the top spot and the prize.  Over the next couple of months the challenges will include technical squash challenges as well as traditional strength and conditioning tests.

As part of the deal, and an additional incentive to join SquashLevels, Army Squash will pay for all Army members to be upgraded automatically to the Platinum level for 12 months.  Yes – FREE Platinum level membership for anyone in the Army who registers.  So to take part, simply login or sign up to SquashLevels (click here for registration guide), and have a go at the monthly challenge for March

Over time, and once back on court later this year, SquashLevels members will be able to use the platform to arrange matches and local box leagues, be automatically notified of all Army Squash activities and events and even register online for major Army Championships.  Individual results can be captured down to unit level and individual ratings and rankings will be updated dynamically.  Your SquashLevels ranking will be used as part of the selection process for representative sport.

Good luck!

Register FREE for SquashLevels TODAY.  By going to the following SquashLevels link.

Membership Benefits include ALL below for nothing (a saving of £30 per player!).  Note that if you are not registered on Squash Levels you will not be able to enter future Army Squash events.